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Gastro-resistant or ED Pills is a type of tablet that is resistant to gastric juice and is designed to release drugs into the intestines. This type of tablets is obtained by coating them with an enteric coating or by pressing granules and particles that have been coated with this coating with slight variations.

Film-coated tablets are thin film-coated tablets, usually less than 10% by weight of the tablet itself. These tablets are classified as water-soluble and water-insoluble. Soluble ones usually consist of solutions of natural cellulose, gelatin, polyethylene glycols, gum arabic, and insoluble ones - of some high molecular weight compounds.

Best ed pills tablets are available as coated or uncoated, and may contain special excipients or are produced using a special technology. This allows the rate or location of drug release to be programmed. This type of tablet includes the following designations: controlled release, sustained release, sustained release, etc. This term is not used for depot, retard and implantable tablets.

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Retard tablets provide prolonged (periodic) release of the drug from the stock. In most cases, they are microbeads with a drug substance surrounded by a biopolymer matrix (base); the base or microgranules dissolve in layers, releasing the next portion of the drug.

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There is also a division depending on the dosage of the medicinal substance: Mite are tablets with minthe optimal dosage and the minimally pronounced effect of the medicinal substance. Seven means that the tablets are with an average dosage and a moderately pronounced effect of the medicinal substance. Forte - means that tablets with a high dosage and a strong effect of the medicinal substance.

In addition, the tablets are still divided, depending on the purpose and method of their use, into the following types: oromucosal, buccal (or cheek), for resorption, chewing, sublingual, vaginal, implantable, homeopathic, effervescent, pediatric, tablets for solution, for drops, for pasta.

Oromucosal - these are tablets for use in the oral cavity, as a rule, these are uncoated tablets, which are obtained using a special technology in order to release medicinal substances in the oral cavity and provide a local or general resorptive effect, such tablets are intended for absorption through the oral mucosa.

Buccal or buccal - this kind of tablets are also intended for the oral cavity, but for the administration of medicinal substances precisely through the buccal mucosa. For resorption - another type of tablets for use in the oral cavity, designed to slowly dissolve in salivary fluid. Most often they contain some kind of flavoring additives.

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Chewable tablets are, as the name implies, intended to be chewed before swallowing. The medicinal substances contained in them have an effect on the mucous membrane of the mouth or gastrointestinal tract. They are also usually flavored.

ED pills Online - This type of pill is for sublingual use. Vaginal - tablets for insertion into the vagina, obtained by pressing a granular powder, which is a processed fatty suppository mass. May have a thin layer of fat. For solution - this type of tablet is intended for solution preparation. Also, the specific route of administration is usually indicated. Tablets that are intended for injection solution must be sterile.


Implantable (depot, implant) - these tablets are sterile sustained-release tablets in the form of a very small disk or cylinder intended for implantation under the skin. Effervescent tablets are uncoated tablets that usually contain acidic substances, carbonates or bicarbonates. They are designed to dissolve in water and react quickly to release carbon dioxide.

Homeopathic - oral tablets, they are obtained by pressing homeopathic triturations, the mass of which in one tablet is approximately 0.1-0.25 g. Also, depending on the method of preparation, tablets are divided into two types: pressed and trituration. Tablets can have different shapes and sizes, which depend on what substances they consist of and the technology for their preparation.

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